Are you there? (internet-security)

Have you ever received a phone call and heard the caller say right up front, “Are you there?” I bet you have. And I bet you said “Yes.”

I heard of a new scam. The caller gets you to answer the phone, and the caller asks that question, “Are you there?” The scammer records your “Yes” and edits the recording to show that you said “Yes” to a question giving your permission to something that gives the scammer permission to take funds from one of your accounts.

The scammer, of course, will need to have your account numbers and some other info maybe, but that is easy enough for the scammer to get before he/she even calls you. The scammer doesn’t always attack your account(s) immediately. Sometimes, the scammer is patient and will wait and maybe hit you months later. So you can never let down your guard.

Sad to say…..but scams and hacks are on the rise….and your cell phone and the internet may make you vulnerable to attacks.

Copyright © 2022 by Mary Kelly, MBA. Waycross, Georgia (U.S.A.)

About Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly is a retired community college professor, a licensed real estate broker in the states of Florida and Georgia, and a writer. She has three masters' degrees and is an avid reader - mostly of non-fiction. Her areas of study and experience are in business, computer science, and education. She currently resides in Waycross, Georgia, and her home is truly furnished for the comfort and convenience of her dogs. She loves the outdoors and loves walking in parks along lakes and on beaches. And she is somewhat of a minimalist and doesn't value having a lot of possessions.
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