Updated Covid Booster – To take it or not

Personally, I, as a person over 65, believe that I am better protected against getting COVID and more importantly NOT getting seriously ill or dying from it by keeping up with the COVID vaccine boosters. I based my decision on all of my research and reading about COVID and the vaccines – both pros and cons – which has included a lot of research and reading. I followed CDC advice on all COVID precautions over the past three years, and so far, I have been fortunate enough not only to NOT get COVID, but also to NOT get any kind of upper respiratory infection. This is the first years in my whole life that I did not get an upper respiratory infection at least once a year….but it is also the first time in my life that I took the precautions that I have taken over the past three years.

That is just my story…the short version.

See the article I am posting as a reference below that reports on the reasons some have for taking (or not taking) the updated COVID vaccine. Everyone must make their own decisions regarding their own health…I believe in freedom of decision making…. What I do may not be what is best for everyone. Hope my references help you if you are interested in this!

For more references on COVID and vaccinces, see my previous blog post, Update on COVID vaccines.


Marnin, J. (2023, May 10). Some adults 65 and over won’t get new covid shot. here’s why – and what experts think. Yahoo! News. https://www.yahoo.com/news/adults-65-over-won-t-191732358.html

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