My Tent: UNP-100978 Camping Tent

I bought this tent to carry with me in my minivan converted to a camper van. (Made in Cambodia) – 10 ft x 9 ft x 78 in (3.05m x 2.74m x 1.98m). I plan to use it more like a screened room when I camp in a park that allows tent camping. My bed in the van is very comfortable, and I think I will prefer it rather than sleeping on the ground.

Purchased from Amazon:

UNP Tents 6 Person Waterproof Windproof Easy Setup,Double Layer Family Camping Tent with 1 Mesh Door & 5 Large Mesh Windows -10’X9’X78in(H)

Instructions for set up that came with the tent follow:


There is a warning that comes with the tent:

This recreational product requires two people to assemble. (Videos show one person putting it up, and I am going to try to put it up alone…..I will post video of me making an attempt to put it up alone….so we will see.)

THIS RECREATIONAL ITEM IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE AS A PERMANENT STRUCTURE. This product has been developed and is intended to provide protection from sun and light rain. DO NOT use any gas flame sources under or near this product. The product is NOT WATERPROOF. Excess water build-up can cause the frame system to become unstable, and collapse, causing injury. Any personal accessories or modifications to this product should be completely dismantled to avoid permanent damage to product components and avoid any possibility of personal injury. This product is not a toy. This product is not designed for use by children without adult supervision. Under no circumstances should this product be used as a permanent or temporary storage facility for children’s toys, garden tools, personal belongings or similar valuables. Consumer-made modifications for extended use (i.e. permanently securing to decks and patios and/or Consumer’s failure to follow stated guidelines) will invalidate UNIPROS Limited warranty, expressed or implied.

Parts list

To put tent up

Step 1

  • Empty contents of bag and confirm all parts are included and undamaged. Tip: Do this at home before you leave on your trip.
  • Select a smooth level site and spread out your tent, with the door facing the desired direction.
  • Secure tent floor by driving stakes through pin-ring assemblies.
  • Extend and sort all poles ready for installation.

Step 2

  • Gently flex longer roof pole (C) and place end into ribbed side of elbow connector at one roof corner. Repeat at other end. Do the same with remaining pole. Poles will cross at the center.
  • Using the shorter Roof Middle Pole (B), slide pole through the pole sleeve in teh roof center. Gently flex and insert ends of pole into pockets located above door zippers.
  • Insert a steel leg pole (A) into the smooth end of Elbow Connector and insert the other end of pole onto its pin and ring assembly. Repeat for all leg poles.
  • Snap J-Hooks (attached to tent body) on tent pole to shape the tent.

Step 3

  • Drape rainfly over the tent connect S-Hooks to the O-ring on the leg poles, making sure that logo is on the right side of the rainfly.
  • Fasten the nylon fasteners located under the rainfly on to the 4 leg poles to shape the rainfly.

Step 4

  • To stabilize the tent, unroll the guy ropes attached to the webbing loops on the rainfly. Make a loop at the opposite end of the guy line using the plastic slider and place the loop over the tent stake. Drive the stake into the ground to secure. Adjust the plastic slider to tighten the guy rope. Repeat for each guy rope.

To take tent down

Reverse the steps given above to put the tent up.

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