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In addition to being a licensed real estate broker in the states of Florida and Georgia specializing in real estate sales in and around Waycross, Georgia, where I live, I am also a writer with a love of learning new things – which also makes me an avid reader and researcher. I am in the process of publishing some of my work on this website, and you will find it by clicking on the links posted at the end of this page.

As time quickly passes by every day for me, I am still trying to post some of my work here at least on a weekly basis. Some of what I post, I wrote years ago, and some of what I post will increasingly be more current. Regardless of what I am working on each day, I am reading, studying, and writing something every day…. and I will continually be uploading new content to this website.

Let me know what you think….. And feel free to share anything you see posted on my website on any of your social media sites. I would appreciate your crediting me as the author and putting a link on your shares back to my website. And I will be happy to answer questions. You may contact me via to CONTACT page on this website.

Mary Kelly


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